Beautiful Beginnings

Curriculum, Program Philosophy and Environment

Beautiful Beginnings has chosen to use the "Creative Curriculum" method for our children ages 6 weeks to 5 years.  This method is research-based and developed around the core areas of development: Social/Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, and Language. 

As a result of how the method works, our teachers focus on the "whole child" to promote learning.  We feel the goals of early childhood curriculum should focus on all aspects of development.  We believe that all children do not accomplish a particular skill at once.  Our curriculum also supports the needs of children who may not be at a typical level of development.  At our program, we believe that children should be exposed to interest areas in the form of centers.

The classroom environments at Beautiful Beginnings Childcare Center are arranged into learning areas, or centers.  These centers include: Block area, Dramatic Play, Art and Discovery Center, Nature/Science, Sand and Water Center and Reading/Cozy Area.  In these learning centers children will have an opportunity to express what they know, explore new materials, and gain knowledge or skills in various key learning areas.


Family, Community and School Partnerships

Beautiful Beginnings Childcare Center believes that parents should be involved because we are working in a partnership to get the picture of the "whole child".  Parents have insight about their child's development that the Teaching Staff will need in  setting individual goals.  It is this type of parental feedback that gives the parents an opportunity to play a part in curriculum development.  The following are some strategies that Beautiful Beginnings uses to encourage parent involvement:

  • Community Based Advocacy Events
  • Field Trip Participation
  • Classroom Volunteers
  • Fundraisers
  • Parent Kindergarten Information Night
  • Parenting Classes


We have also continued to establish ongoing partnerships with the following community-based organizations and/or schools:

  • Local Philadelphia Library
  • Building Bridges (Kindergarten Transition)
  • Program Partnership (A Step Ahead)
  • Keystone Stars
  • United Way
  • Please Touch Museum


  • "When I brought my granddaughter two years ago she was 2yrs old. She had a hard time adjusting for about the first week the teachers were excellent with her. She is now 4 she LO..."
    Angela McNeil
    Nanny (Grandma)
  • "I have been with Beautiful Beginnings since the beginning! My daughter was one of the first babies; now my son attends. This daycare is THE BEST childcare facility you will ever..."
    Ebony Adams
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